About us

Pentasi has been producing wakeboard cableways since 1993. In Hungary, our company has produced 9 cableways out of the current 12 achieving the leading position among wakeboard cableway manufacturers in the Hungarian market. Also, Pentasi Ltd. produced and installed the first full size cableway in the Czech Republic in 2012 and is looking forward to steadily growing demand from this region.

Our short term goal is to become the number one cableway producing company in our region and to promote the sale of our quality products worldwide. More than two decades of experience in both the production and operation of wakeboard cableways has helped us to perfect our system to be fully reliable, while continuously adapting to the ever-rising technical demands of the riders and the owners at the same time.

In 2012 Pentasi joined the Estonian WakeStation in the common goal of providing quality products with state of the art features for an affordable price. While Pentasi produces quality full size cableways and belonging piers, floating pathways and starting ramps, WakeStation provides the most innovative two tower systems available in the market and uniquely designed, durable full HDPE obstacles. We, together cover the full spectrum of cable wakeboarding from A to Z.