Full Size Cable

Full size cableways are cheap and environmentally friendly alternatives to the traditional boat wakeboarding. By able to tow up to 10-12 riders at the same time, Full size cableways turned wakeboarding from an individual and exclusive sport to a real social experience. Full size cableways are liked places of family pastimes, friend gatherings and company events. Because they attract many people, full size cableways represent good investment especially when they come with restaurants, bars, shops or amusement features like floating funparks. Depending on the local circumstances the return on investment of a wakeboard park is 3-5 years with relatively low annual expenses.

Pentasi full size cableways represent the highest technical level thanks to the continuous development based on the feedback from our customers and riders. Our aim is to provide systems which are reliable, easy and safe to operate and are liked by both the riders and the operators.

Technical description